What Is My Cardio Advisor?

MCA personalized contextualized remote monitoring

Remote monitoring and self management, we cover it all!

If a person’s heart rate jumps to 120 beats per minute in a short time, could we make a conclusion what is happening with that person by knowing just that information? No, we couldn’t! We just know one piece of a puzzle, but we need all other pieces to see a big picture. Lets make another example, If there is a young person, who has just started running and his heart rate jumped to 120 beats per minute, everything is in order. But if it is an older person, a cardiac patient who is resting and who forgot to take important medicament, the situation demands attention.

The sovereign rule of personalization and contextualization

There are two parts of the system a mobile app, used by monitored person (a patient or someone who is engaged in fitness activities) and an admin portal, used by an expert who is doing all the monitoring (a medical doctor, a professional caregiver or a personal fitness trainer). The mobile end collects and processes all the data, not just physiological data like ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure and etc. but also context data like type of activity a person is engaged in, his whereabouts, the environmental conditions and self reporting, all in real time. But even the real time data is not enough to provide us with right context of a person being monitored. We also need to remember what happened previously, to trace the causes of current condition. This is the reason why we store all the relevant data from the past and we can know weather for instance that person followed his prescribed therapy in a right way or not.

The other end is an admin portal where professionals can monitor and guide. They can prescribe a therapy or desired behavior and set up all kinds of alarms like pill reminders or just remind their patients they need to do blood pressure or glucose check. Doctors or professional caregivers could know how their patients are doing, are they well in the boundaries of their therapy or risk-free behavior or not and offer them some recommendations and react just in the right time before something bad happens. Fitness trainers could know are their customers following the weight loss program thy prescribed and if not offer them some recommendations for correction and improvement.

A perfect example how MCA helps caregiving: